After much deliberations, the South Indian Cine Stunt Directors and Stunt Artistes Union recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Telugu stunt union in Hyderabad to employ an equal number of stunt artistes from the State in which a film is being shot.

Based on the agreement, a Tamil stunt director working on a movie in Hyderabad will have to hire an equal number of Telugu and Tamil stunt artistes.

The same will hold good for a Telugu stunt director shooting a film in Tamil Nadu.

‘Supreme’ Sundar, who took over as president of South Indian Cine Stunt Directors and Stunt Artistes Union recently, said that the agreement resolves a long-pending issue.

50:50 basis

“So far, there was a 70:30 rule. When our members go to Hyderabad to shoot a film, 70% of the crew had to be from Hyderabad and the rest were from our union. And likewise, when a Telugu movie was shot in Chennai, the rule was similar. After we signed the agreement, we will now work on a 50:50 basis. Half the crew will be from Chennai and half from Hyderabad. We will soon be signing a similar agreement with the union in Mumbai,” said Mr. Sundar.

Building bridges

He hoped that this would reduce creative differences and communication issues.

“We have often seen a film suffering when stunt directors are forced to work with those they are not comfortable with because of the 70:30 rule. This will change,” he said.

Mr. Sundar said that the immediate need of the stunt union was to ensure that the members had access to proper health insurance.

The Chennai union has about 650 stunt artistes and directors as primary members and is planning to have an annual conclave of unions from Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru to exchange ideas and skills.

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