In a change of mind, a thief who stole gold ornaments from a house at Karumadi, near Ambalappuzha, has returned the loot along with an apology letter to its owner.

According to the Ambalappuzha police, family of Madhukumar left for Karuvatta to attend a function in connection with the marriage of a relative on Tuesday evening and returned home the same night to find the back door of their home opened.

“After returning home, they examined the cupboard and found that gold earrings and other ornaments weighing around one sovereign were missing. Mr. Madhu lodged a complaint with the police on Wednesday. He also named a person whom he suspected. However, to everyone’s surprise someone left the missing gold ornaments along with an apology letter at the gate of Mr. Madhu’s house on Thursday morning,” the police said.

In the letter, the thief promises not to repeat the offence and urges the family not to approach the police against him. The police added that Mr. Madhu was not interested in pursuing the case any further.

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