Two undercover detectives followed a car the man was riding . “That’s when the engagement took place,” Mr Smith said.

The man shot at the two undercover officers with a rifle and escaped along with a second person in a vehicle, according to the police. The vehicle and the other person were soon found by the police.

The Indian Association of Kansas City praised the police for pursuing Sharath’s shooting diligently and that “there is some closure” with the person of interest’s death.

“We are happy to hear that the suspect was caught and justice has been served to Koppu.

Staff reporter adds from Hyderabad
: The family of Sharath Koppu was not pleased with the death of Koppu’s killer in an encounter in Kansas City. Koppu’s father K Ram Mohan feels that the killing of the accused has only deepened the mystery of his son’s death.

“My son was killed and the murderer is also no more, there is no clarity on what exactly happened in the restaurant on July 6,” he said. Ram Mohan sought to know what exactly happened in the restaurant and how his son was shot dead.

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