Fancy washroom fittings that had been recently installed in the newly inaugurated office of the Advocate Association on the first floor of the Chief Metropolitan Court complex on Nrupatunga Road were stolen last weekend.

When association members visited the office on Monday, the office was flooded. Three ‘fancy’ taps from washbasins and six taps in the lavatory were missing.

The theft occurred despite the presence of security guards in the court complex. Investigators said that the thief had a lot of nerve, as the court complex is barely 200 metres away from the Halasuru Gate police station and adjacent to the police headquarters.

Gangadharaiah A.N., general secretary of the Association, filed a complaint with the police on Tuesday. In his statement, he said that the office had been shifted from the ground floor of the old building to the first floor of a new multi-storey building, which is yet to be inaugurated.

“We had to shift as the PWD has proposed to demolish the existing to build a car ramp,” Mr. Gangadharaiah said.

Expensive fittings had been installed in the washroom before the office was handed over to the Association.

“The thief appears to have knowledge of about the new bathroom fittings,” said the police, adding that the absence of CCTVs will make their task all the more difficult.

“Work on the building is yet to be completed and, hence, there were no cameras. We suspect that a construction labourer may have committed the theft,” a senior police officer said.

The police are now questioning the security guards.

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