The jam-packed audience at the meeting hall of Visakha Public Library had a fun-filled evening as the artistes of Visakha Humour Club regaled them with their comedy skits on Sunday.

In the skit: “Puli vasthe yemi chesthav?” A man was going with his mother and wife through a forest to meet a friend. The friend asks him: “If a tiger suddenly comes out of the bush, will you save your mother or wife?” His tongue-in-cheek reply makes the audience go into raptures: “I will save the tiger from them as it is in the endangered list besides being our (Indian) national animal.”

In another skit: “Office lo meeting busy”, the MD asks his PA, not to allow anyone or connect calls as he was busy. The PA asks him what to tell the callers.

He asks her to tell that already four others have come and he is busy. Meanwhile, the MD’s wife calls on the phone and the PA picks up. The PA tells her: “Already four have come, and he is busy.”

Two other skits: “Kodi gudlu pagilipoyayi” and “Devuda inka 30 yellu ayushu ivvu” sent the audience into peals of laughter. The artistes were: Raavi Gopikrishna, SS Ramanujam, RSN Murthy, DSN Murthy, M. Shiva Jyothi and G. Virajitha.

The compering, laced with humour, by Ms. Virajitha further enhanced the experience of the audience.

It was the 1,397th programme, presented by Visakha Humour Club.

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