The Tiruchi Orthopaedic Association (TOA) has decided to conduct 100 free surgeries to commemorate its week-long Bone and Joint Day Celebrations-2018 on the theme of road safety.

In deference to the call given by the Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA) and the Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association (TNOA) for ‘one member-one or more free surgery,’ the TOA with 100 members will conduct at least as many surgeries for economically poor patients from August 1 to 3, Terrence Jose Jerome, TNOA Executive Member, Central Zone-1, told mediapersons on Tuesday.

On August 5, the TOA will organise a five km-marathon titled ‘Run Tiruchi’ on the theme of road safety from Tennur Uzhavar Sandhai to Anna Stadium. It has invited participants, both male and female, to particpate under three categories: Masters (above 40 years), 16-40 years, and below 16 years. The entry fee is Rs. 50 each for the first two categories and Rs. 20 each for the third.

The TOA will utilise the celebration as an opportunity to sensitise society about diseases affecting bone and joints and their impact on daily life. The asscoiation members will conduct bone surgery screening camps and bone mineral density detection camps.

There will be particular emphasis on prevention of road accidents through awareness programmes on adherence to rules: wearing helment and seat belt, avoiding overspeeding, and desisting from jumping lanes. The TOA intends to reach out to parents and society at large through the student community, Dr. Terrence said.

Around one lakh deaths occur on Indian roads every year, which is almost one death every three minutes. Road accident causes the most disability diseases of the younger generation leading to considerable loss of lives and permanent disability, TOA functionaries said.

Citing the Supreme Court’s suggestion for implementing the recommendations of Dr. Radha Krishnan Committee on road safety, they exude confidence that motivating the public to adhere to norms through awareness exercises will help in saving thousands of lives and prevent wastage of crores of rupees paid as compensation by insurance companies.

Alongside first aid and basic life support courses for the public, the IOA has also recommended conduct of courses on ‘Golden Hour Trauma’ for medical students and doctors.

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