The Kerala government’s various flip-flops in the Supreme Court since 2007, in support and against the ban on allowing women to enter the Sabarimala temple, were mentioned by the court on Wednesday.

The reference came after senior advocate Jaideep Gupta, appearing for Kerala, declared the State’s support for allowing women to enter the temple. “Are you changing your stand again? This is the fourth time you have done so,” Chief Justice Misra told Mr. Gupta, before turning to the other members of the Bench for a brief conference.

Mr. Gupta said the State had not changed its stand ever since he took over the government brief in the case. “We are supporting the entry of women,” he repeated emphatically. “So, you are changing with the times…,” Justice Rohinton Nariman responded.

In February 2016, when the UDF was in power, Kerala had argued that the prohibition was ingrained in the minds of devotees for centuries. In November 2016, after the LDF returned to power, the government changed its stand in favour of throwing open the gates of the temple to women of all ages.

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