Humane gesture by Mohali traffic police

The Mohali traffic police have reached out to the children of a hit-and-run accident victim and assured them all support. SP (traffic) Gurjot Singh Kaler met the two young siblings, Tanya and Badal, and gifted them warm clothes and blankets. The children lost their mother when a speeding vehicle hit her from behind and she succumbed to the injuries. “We can’t lessen their pain and sorrow but we can certainly help them,” said Kaler, urging people to drive safe.

Congress protest or was it a photo op?

Protesting against the BJP’s performance, rather non-performance, in Chandigarh, Congress councillors rushed to the well of the House with placards during the meeting on November 27. A few minutes on, a BJP councillor asked his Congress counterparts to return to their seats, saying: “You’ve got your pictures clicked so stop this drama now.” The members were in splits when a Congress councillor replied, “Achha yahan media bhi hai? Humein toh pata hi nahi tha, hum toh ye sab janta ke liye kar rahe hain (Oh, is the media here? We were doing all this for the people).” Incidentally, a Congress councillor had tipped the journalists off earlier, requesting them not to leave as they had planned a protest in the well of the House.

After high drama, journalists back in the media gallery

Since the end the Covid-19 lockdown, covering the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation meetings from the confines of the committee room on the sixth floor of the MC building in Sector 17 has been a virtual struggle for journalists. On November 27 too, the mediapersons gathered in the committee room to watch the live video feed of the House meet. As usual, they struggled to make sense of the proceedings because of the poor quality of the video feed. Repeated requests to officials for better arrangements went unheeded till they missed the feed for nearly an hour. The 10-odd journalists had had enough when an official locked one of the committee room’s exits so they met mayor Rajbala Malik in her office during the break. Malik directed MC officials to make arrangements for the journalists in the media gallery of the House. Within 10 minutes, the arrangements were made.

When councillors lost, and found, their voice

Both Congress and BJP councillors created a ruckus during the House meeting when one of the BJP members was a given a cordless microphone to make a statement. Congress councillors alleged that while their voices were not audible to journalists in the committee room, BJP members were being given special microphones. The BJP member, who got the cordless mic, said journalists could hear him through the instrument installed at his seat, too. This led to a verbal duel between members of both parties till MC commissioner KK Yadav intervened. He directed the MC chief engineer to go to the committee room and check whether the voices of all councillors could be heard over the video feed. The House proceedings resumed once the chief engineer confirmed that everyone was clearly audible.

Duplicate bricks hurting business

If you thought duplicates were limited to electronic gadgets and clothing brands, you’d be surprised to learn that even bricks used for construction aren’t spared. A representative of a brick manufacturing company, KKK, held a press conference on November 23 to complain that dubious kilns had copied the brand name and were selling substandard bricks, hurting the sale of the original. The company holds the contract of supplying bricks to a number of construction projects underway in and around the tricity. With duplicate bricks flooding the market, the original are piling up at the kiln. The company’s owners have warned dubious kilns of legal action and reporting them to the administration.

Social media to rescue of traffic cones at Sukhna

The cones installed by the Chandigarh Traffic Police earlier this month to demarcate the cycle track in front of Sukhna Lake were found displaced on Friday by a resident, who took to Twitter to complain. The problem was promptly resolved by the traffic police, who now plan to install such cones on other busy roads of the city for the safety of cyclists.

Professor mimics PU V-C during teachers’ protest

From reciting poems to singing songs, members of the Panjab University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) have been coming up with innovative ways to register their protest against the pending promotion of teachers under the career advancement scheme (CAS). A few days ago, a woman professor took to imitating vice-chancellor Raj Kumar during a dharna much to the amusement of the protesters. The video clip was widely shared among teachers.

Inputs by Hillary Victor, Munieshwer A Sagar, Shailee Dogra, Rajanbir Singh and Dar Ovais

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