The city shadow police on Sunday arrested two men who used to steal mobile phones from people on the streets, after borrowing it on the pretext of making an urgent call. The accused have been identified as Nizam (30) from Tholikkode and Aneesh (20) from Veeranakaavu. According to the police, they had stolen mobile phones from more than 20 people, including guest workers. One of them used to wait on a motorcycle, while the other one approached the victim, asking for the mobile phone to make an urgent call to the hospital. Once he got hold of the phone, they would escape in the motorcyle.

The City Police Commissioner entrusted a shadow team with the case after receiving a number of similar complaints. Most of the phones which they have stolen are of the expensive variety, with prices upward of Rs. 20,000. They used to sell these phones at low prices at shops in Beemappally. The police have recovered some of these mobiles they have already sold and some others from their house. Aneesh is an accused in ganja-related cases in Maranalloor and Kattakkada.

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