There was mixed reaction to TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s promises to the farmers of Ankapur model village in Armoor constituency, when he visited barely two months after he took office.

The promise included sanction of double bedroom houses, water storage tanks, guest house for farmers, solar fencing to prevent wild bores from entering crop fields, drip irrigation and turmeric processing unit, and so on.

Part payment, part


Leave alone the double bedroom houses and guest house, the remaining promises were left unfulfilled as well.Drip irrigation and water storage tanks were sanctioned to some farmers on part payment, that too to only those who have land in the survey numbers of the village.

Farmers belonging to Ankapur and owning lands on survey numbers of other surrounding villages have been denied of the sops. Hence, barely 25% of the farmers in the village got drip irrigation and water storage tanks, according to Challa Linga Reddy, president, local Guradi Reddy Rythu Sangham.

“When he had come to the village on August 8, 2014, the Chief Minister promised to sanction them to all free of cost. But we had to pay some amount for the sanction. As regards solar fencing, it has been totally forgotten,” he said.

‘Ensure MSP’

Take the case of Rythu Bandhu, which was implemented and a majority of farmers got farm investment at the rate of Rs. 4,000 per acre. “In fact, farmers do not need farm investment if remunerative prices for their produce are ensured,” said Kommula Linga Reddy, a farmer who owns a seven acre of agriculture land in the village.

“Generally, we, Ankapur farmers, do not look at the government for assistance. Therefore, we did not insist on implementation of other assurances. Hence, we do not remind the sanction of solar fencing for which authorities demanded to pay Rs. 12,000 per acre,” he added.

“Chief Minister sanctioned 170 double bed houses for the village on the spot. However, not even seven houses were grounded. No assurance was fulfilled 100%,’ said Palle Ganga Reddy, BJP district president, from Ankapur.

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