The huge inflow of relief goods being transported by trains have left the district administration in a quandary. The large quantities of unusable garments and expired perishables have also left them in a spot of bother.

The Rail Kalyanamandapam at Thampanoor witnessed several heavy vehicles transporting loads of relief materials all day long on Thursday. The auditorium, managed by Railways, has been designated as the centre to stock items being brought in trains.

While there has been no paucity of space in the building so far, officials were concerned that goods not fit to be sent to relief camps have begun to occupy much of the area. They were also left with no option but reject several loads of packaged perishable foods such as biscuits and rusks with many well beyond the expiry date.

A truck that contained numerous drinking water pouches also had to be sent back as they had no labels. Many loads of soiled clothes and worn-out footwear have also been coming in, much to the chagrin of the authorities. “Unloading and unpacking such items have been leading to much waste of manpower and precious time,” an official said.

Worsening the situation is the inadequate number of volunteers, a marked departure from the situation a week ago when the relief collection centres were thronged by youngsters. While the reopening of schools has had an effect, several college students and techies continue to chip in.

12 wagons

Many among them were also required to lend a helping hand in transporting the relief goods from the Thiruvananthapuram Central and Kochuveli railway stations. Over 12 wagons were reported to have been lying abandoned at the stations for the past few days.

Despite the difficulties, there has been no let-up in intensity among the volunteers. Bharat Govind, an intern functioning under the District Collector, who has been coordinating the volunteers, said around 150 were present at the Kalyanamandapam alone. Another 100 youngsters were deployed to Kochuveli.

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