Visitors thronged KRS, Balamuri, Talakadu and Shivanasamudra in Mysuru region on Sunday in the wake of discharge of water from the reservoirs, which had almost reached the brim.

With the Water Resources Department authorities stepping up the discharge from KRS to 65,000 cusecs on Sunday from 40,000 on Saturday, water gushed out of the 30 crest gates of the reservoir and plunged into the rocky depths of river with a roar, presenting a breathtaking view for the visitors.

However, visitors, most of whom appeared to be locals from Mysuru and nearby regions, had to navigate their way to catch a glimpse of the water flowing out of the crest gates in all its glory by taking the dirt track alongside a canal emerging from the river as the authorities had barred entry from the old entrance to Brindavan Gardens.

Police personnel had been deployed at the venue to caution the visitors against leaning precariously on the compound and meshed fencing of the reservoir.

As time passed, the number of visitors increased, leading to traffic snarls on the road leading to the reservoir. Vendors dealing in a variety of food from fried masala groundnuts to fried moong dal swiftly set up shop near the reservoir to cater to the visitors who made hay while the water flowed.

Safety precautions

Balamuri, the mini-waterfalls situated downstream of KRS, too has come alive, attracting many visitors. Acting on an advisory from the Centre, adequate safety precautions were in place at Balamuri, which had earned notoriety for drowning instances. Barricades and deployment of security personnel ensured that the visitors were prevented from entering the waters.

Thanks to the heavy discharge of water from KRS, Balamuri had acquired a glory that was last seen about eight years ago. Meanwhile, the Ranganathittu bird sanctuary was also among the tourist spots that drew visitors on Sunday. Though boating was suspended since Saturday owing to a rapid rise in water levels, visitors were allowed to go inside the sanctuary, but only to watch the birds from a safe distance from the waters. While the boats were tied to the dock, the ticket counter for boating was submerged in the waters.

The water level in the river had risen considerably at Talakadu, near here, submerging a large portion of the sand on the river bank and flooding the changing rooms. The authorities had barred entry of people to the river bank in view of the rising water levels.

However, it was the Shivanasamudra waterfalls that drew hordes of people from not only Mysuru and surrounding regions, but also Bengaluru and other areas. It was bumper-to-bumper traffic for up to 4 km from Shivanasamudra thanks to continuous flow of vehicles towards the waterfalls.

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