Continuing flood of over 3.16 lakh cusecs to Srisailam from Tungabhandra and Krishna rivers together has taken the water level in the reservoir, common storage for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, to 879.2 ft, in spite of drawals by the two States from different irrigation systems and also supplementation releases to Nagarjunasagar.

According to flood monitoring officials, the storage in the reservoir was recorded as 183.85 tmc ft at 9 p.m. on Friday even as about 1.03 lakh cusecs was being either released or drawn.

The release to Nagarjunasagar through power generation by the two States continued at about 74,000 cusecs and another 25,000 cusecs was being drawn from Pothireddypadu and over 2,000 cusecs for Handri-Neeva by AP and another 1,600 for Kalwakurthy lift irrigation system by Telangana.

Water at Sagar

The water level in Nagarjunasagar stood at 528.6 ft against the full reservoir level of 590 ft on Friday night and the storage was 165.43 tmc ft against the capacity of 312.05 tmc ft.

Meanwhile, the water level in Sriramsagar improved to 23.28 tmc ft on Friday evening with inflows recorded at 62,520 cusecs. The flood to Kaddam and Yellampally came down to 16,600 cusecs and 54,000 cusecs, respectively, on Friday night from 2.40 lakh cusecs and 3.24 lakh cusecs, respectively, on Thursday night.

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