Actor-scriptwriter Anoop Menon has described his latest release
Ente Mezhuthiri Athazhangal
as a feel good film full of lavender, jasmine and roses. He has a catchy line when he says that the movie is an Imtiaz Ali meets Sanjay Leela Bhansali meets Karan Johar kind of film, but on a smaller scale.

Midway into watching the movie, one wishes at least a fraction of that claim reflected on the screen. As his character Sanjay Paul tells his lady love Anjali (played by Mia George) that he is an average person, the movie, directed by filmmaker Sooraj Thomas, too ends up as an average fare. The script by Anoop Menon lacks enough meat to keep you hooked.

It all begins with Sanjay Paul recollecting his unexpected meeting with Anjali at the picturesque bungalow of his family friend in Ooty. The story then moves on to unveil how a chef and a candle designer fall in love. A twist breaks their journey. However, it ends up as an ode to the cliché of the lovers overcoming hurdles to live happily ever after.

The first-half of the film tries to portray Anjali as a bold woman with strong views about her choices in life. She has no plans to fall in love with the chef and would like to remain a friend. But, yes, you guessed it, she falls head over heels in love with him. Anoop Menon attempts to bring layers into the scripts by showing three other women in his life. But one is left wondering as to what was the whole point, as those characters stick out like a sore thumb. When Anjali says she is put off by his philosophising on life, love and relations, the audience could not agree more.

Actor Baiju is a saving grace as one feels how unexplored he is in Malayalam. The character Idichandichayan leaves little for Alencier Lay Lopez to sink his teeth into whereas efforts to kindle laughter through the characters played by Dileesh Pothan and filmmaker Lal Jose also fall flat.

G. Krishnakumar

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