Delhi government’s cap on weddings guests to a maximum of 50, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, has left many opting out of Capital, to host functions in venues available in NCR especially Gurugram and Noida, where 100 and more guests are allowed. Pawan Sehrawat, a Delhi-based businessman who is now exploring wedding venue options in Gurugram, says, “My sister is to get married in a week, and we had already distributed the cards. So we cannot call up people and reduce the guest list from 100 to 50; it will be so embarrassing! We are now in the process of looking for some place in Gurugram where we can shift the wedding function.”

Hotel rates in Noida see an upward swing

Raghubir Singh, from BMP weddings, says hotels in NCR are also banking on this shift and increasing rates. “People are shifting and moving towards Gurugram. Delhi mein jaise 50 log ho gaye hain, toh woh apni wedding yahan se cancel karwake Gurugram ki taraf jaa rahe hai. Sarkar ne badi strictness kar di hai iss baat pe, aur chalan bhi kaat rahe hai jaise news mein aa raha hai. Aur Noida mein bhi shift ho rahi hai. Noida walon ne apne rate thode up kar diye hai. Ache rate pe woh hotel book kar rahe hain,” he says.

Look at Gurugram venues, February onwards

Uncertain policies seem to be the reason behind this shift, says wedding planner Rudhir Sharma, from Wedding & Event Design by Rudhir. “People who have weddings till February are going forward with their 50 people wedding in Delhi only. They don’t have an option since they have already made certain advance payments. However, February onwards people are looking at venues in Gurugram because Delhi seems very uncertain with its policies right now,” he adds.

Booked in Delhi earlier, shifting venue now

Akash Kumar Dubey, director, Darshweddings Pvt Ltd, says, “Whenever we talk about a social gathering, it’s never that if we invite 200 guests then 200 will appear. The highest number it reaches is 60% of the total gathering invited… Since Delhi has restricted the guest list to 50, people are not only coming to attend functions in Gurugram, but those who had their functions booked in Delhi are also in the process of shifting venue from Delhi to Gurugram. Weddings in our society are something are directly related to sentiments, emotions and status, and no one wants to compromise on these. Our government should also understand that when people are allowed to gather in a political rally, and markets are seeing lakhs of visitor turnout, then why is it that only the wedding industry should suffer, wherein all safety measures are being taken care of.”

Limited venues in NCR

The revival of cap on weddings in Delhi has led to a paucity of venues in NCR, too. “People are really preferring to go to Gurugram for their functions. But venues are not available there anymore since they are already booked. So those who couldn’t find an alternative at the last minute, have had to either postpone or cancel their events,” says Salil Chaudhry, from Dew Events at Khan Market. However, Jivika Mehra, another city-based wedding planner, is of the opinion that “People are already starting to limit their guest list as a safety precaution, considering the rise of Covid-19 cases over all.”

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