A Bengali worker who died in a hospital here on Friday had succumbed to the injuries he sustained on being beaten up by a group of people last month for allegedly stealing a hen, the police said on Monday.

The assault had taken place at Anchal, about 50 km from here, on June 24, said an officer of the local police station.

The police said Manik Roy, 34, who had been working in Anchal for the past few years, was walking home carrying a hen when a group of people, mostly local people, claimed the hen was stolen and started beating him.

On hearing his cries for help, a crowd gathered, including a person who said it was he who had given Manik the hen, and the assailants ran away.

Condition worsens

Manik was taken to a nearby hospital and when his condition worsened, they decided to move him to the medical college hospital on July 13 but he died en route.

The medical report, released on Monday, showed that Manik died of injuries he had sustained when he was hit on the back of his head.

Meanwhile, the Anchal police said they had identified the attackers and were on the lookout for them.

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