When Malakappa Tegginamani went to renew his Yashaswini card at a cooperative bank in Hittinahalli village of the taluk, he was unaware that the government had withdrawn this health scheme and merged it with Arogya Karnataka, a universal healthcare scheme.

The 63-year-old uneducated farmer was not only surprised but was also worried about the payment of medical bills as the scheme was no longer in existence.

The staff of the bank told him that the scheme has been merged with another health scheme, but even he could not explain much about the new scheme and how one could avail of it.

“All we have been told is not to renew or accept applications for the Yashaswini scheme; beyond that we don’t know much about any other scheme,” said one of the staff helplessly to farmers who were there. Lack of clear information about the removal of the present scheme and introduction of a new scheme has created enormous confusion and worry among farmers.

The prevailing confusion has only irked the farmers who are demanding that the government retain the old scheme instead of merging it with any other new scheme.

“Yashaswini is a good scheme for farmers. The norms were easy and it was beneficial to farmers to a large extent. The merger of the scheme has only created more confusion and also taken away many benefits which the earlier scheme was offering to farmers. Therefore, we demand that the government retain the old scheme, or it can offer the same benefits in the new scheme also,” said Arvind Kulkarni, district president of the Akhanda Karnataka Raita Sangha.

Speaking to
The Hindu
, District Surgeon Mahendra Kapse said that the hospital is yet to receive specially designed software for issuing health cards under the new scheme to beneficiaries.

Dr. Kapse said that the hospital is expected to receive the software within a fortnight.

Asked what the patients should do till they get the card, the official said that the hospital will issue a referral letter to the patient if he wishes to get treatment in a private hospital.

Meanwhile, until the modalities and details are cleared, the confusion would apparently continue among farmers who want to avail of the benefits under the scheme.

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