A special court is expected to pronounce its verdict here on Saturday on the massacre of 20 people in Behmai village in Kanpur Dehat district, allegedly by bandit Phoolan Devi nearly four decades ago.

In 1981, the 20 men belonging to that village were shot dead by Phoolan’s gang.

“We have hope that the trial court is likely to deliver its judgment in Behmai massacre tomorrow,” district government counsel (criminal) Rajeev Porwal told PTI on Friday.

Mr. Porwal said that defense counsel Girish Narain Dubey has submitted certain rulings of the Allahabad High Court and the Supreme Court before the trial court with a request to take cognisance of those rulings while delivering its judgment against the accused.

The court is now expected to give its judgment on the role of the four surviving accused — Posha, Bhikha, Vishwanath and Shyambabu.

While Posha is still in jail, Bhikha, Vishwanath and Shyambabu are out on bail.

Three other dacoits, including Man Singh, are still absconding.

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