Tally rises to 107, most patients from UAE, U.K.

Health Minister Veena George on Friday said 44 more persons contracted the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Ernakulam reported 12 new cases, Kollam 10, Thiruvananthapuram 8, Thrissur 4, Kottayam, Palakkad, Malappuram and Kannur 2 each, Alappuzha 1, and Idukki 1.

At least ten infected persons had arrived from high-risk countries and 27 from low-risk nations. They had come to Kerala from the United Arab Emirates 13, United Kingdom 3, Qatar 3, and one each from South Africa, Israel and Malta, Nigeria, Spain, Sweden.

Seven persons had become Omicron infected through transmission. Four persons in Kollam, 2 in Kottayam, and 1 in Thiruvananthapuram got Omicron via transmission.

Ms. George said 107 persons had contracted Omicron in the State so far. Of the total Omicron cases, 41 infected persons had reached Kerala from high-risk nations and 52 from low-risk countries. Most patients were from the UAE, 29, and the U.K., 23.

The spread of omicron is most in Ernakulam 37, followed by Thiruvananthapuram 26, Kollam 11, Thrissur 9, Pathanamthitta 5, Alappuzha 5, Kannur 4, Kottayam 3, Malappuram 3, Palakkad 2, Kozhikode 1, and Idukki 1.

Ms. George urged the public to exercise extreme caution given the steady climb in Omicron infections. She counselled citizens to shun crowds, wear mask, and maintain physical distance.

Ms. George also announced a special drive to bridge the gaps in COVID-19 vaccination. The two-day programme will commence on Saturday. Ms. George urged unvaccinated persons and those due for their second shot to take advantage of the campaign.

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