State’s active case pool is on a steady climb since the past one week

Kerala’s COVID-19 graph is on the rise once again, with the State reporting 5,944 new cases on Saturday, when 60,075 samples were tested in the past 24 hours.

All key metrics which indicate a possible change in transmission dynamics, including hospitalisation, oxygen or ICU requirement, which had been steadily dropping in Kerala since October, has begun rising this week.

While the increase in cases or hospitalisation has not been as dramatic here as it has been in other States so far, these metrics over the next one week would be a clear indication of the state of affairs to come, public health experts said.

Health Department’s data shows that between January 1- 7, there was an increase of around 9,897 new cases. The growth rate in new cases was 61 %, when compared to the previous week

The average active cases were 20,707, out of whom, about 2% each required oxygen support and ICU care. The number of active cases increased by 3%, hospitalisations went up by 8%, ICU requirement increased by 10% and the number of patients on ventilator support too went up by 2% between January 1-7, when compared to the previous week.

The test positivity rate (TPR) in isolation is no longer considered as a proper indicator of disease transmission but TPR has been rising and stood at 9.89 % on Saturday

The State’s active case pool is on a steady climb since the past one week and now has 31,098 patients, of whom, only 7 % are currently admitted in hospitals or field hospitals like COVID first line/second line treatment centres. A total of 2,463 people were reported to have recovered from the disease on Saturday.

Current ICU occupancy of COVID patients in both public and private hospitals in the State is remaining steady at 419, while the number of patients requiring ventilator support showed a nominal drop to140 on Saturday

On Saturday the number of patients in the State newly admitted to hospitals with COVID rose to 265. Hospitalisations are rising slowly, with 2,473 people being treated for moderate or severe COVID in hospitals across the State.

The official cumulative COVID-19 case fatality in the State now stands at 49,547 with the State adding 189 deaths to the official list of COVID deaths on Saturday. This includes 33 deaths which occurred in the past few days and 209 deaths which have now been accepted as COVID deaths by the Government as per the new guidelines of the Centre and following the appeals filed by families

Till now, a total of 18,905 deaths have been newly added to the State’s official list of COVID deaths

The State’s cumulative COVID-19 burden, ever since the pandemic began, now stands at 52,79,304 cases.

Among districts, Thiruvananthapuram reported the highest number of new cases with 1,219 cases, Ernakulam 1,214, Kozhikode 580, Thrissur 561, Kottayam 319, Pathanamthitta 316, Kollam 299, Kannur 280, Malappuram 260, Palakkad 248, Alappuzha 235, Kasaragod 150, Idukki 147 and Wayanad 116 cases.

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