Kohli, Rohit and Prasad meet up with Ganguly

India captain Virat Kohli met the new BCCI president Sourav Ganguly at the Cricket Centre here on Thursday. Kohli had already congratulated Sourav and expressed his delight at the former cricketer being elected for the prestigious BCCI position.

Having completed the third Test against South Africa well before time, Kohli got the opportunity to meet Ganguly who, along with some Apex Council members, was at the BCCI office to get the hang of the administrative set up.

Kohli, Rohit Sharma, named captain for the three match Twenty20 series against South Africa, M.S.K. Prasad, chairman of the senior selection committee, and his committee met Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah.

Looking forward

A few minutes before his meeting with Ganguly, Kohli said: “I have met him before to discuss a lot of things. I am looking forward to a good discussion. He is someone who has played a lot of cricket before, who knows the situation we are in, what the team needs, the requirements of Indian cricket.

“So you need a good, professional, high-level discussion. It will be a healthy discussion because I am playing currently and he has played before, there will be a understanding of these things. I have had good discussions in the past with him and I expect the same this time.”

On Wednesday, Ganguly had said that Kohli is the most important man in the entire context of Indian cricket.


Prasad also appeared thrilled by the occasion of discussing things with Ganguly. “Absolutely (thrilled), a cricketer at the helm. His thought process was fantastic, we had a very healthy discussion. His observations were not just as a president, but as a former cricketer. We are really thankful to him and I’m sure they are really invaluable suggestions which we will follow in the times to come.”

After the completion of the Ranchi Test, Kohli had expressed a wish that Test series should be played at the five traditional Test centres. He would have broached the topic again with Ganguly.

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