Attacking the opposition, the Prime Minister urged all parties to reject the motion that has been moved in the House. He said, "What came from the opposition was sheer arrogance, the only thing they said was Modi hatao."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday urged all parties to reject the no-confidence motion that has been moved in the House. Attacking the opposition, he said, “What came from the opposition was sheer arrogance, the only thing they said was Modi hatao.” Modi continued his speech, saying, “We were elected by the blessing of 125 crore people have been working on the motto- ” Sabka saath, sabka vikas.”

PM Modi was the last speaker to conclude the third day of monsoon session in the Parliament.

Here are top quotes from PM Modi’s no-confidence speech:

* If you were not prepared for the debate why did you bring the motion? Why were you trying to delay the motion?  They don’t have numbers, no seats, no backup but still, no-confidence motion was brought up.

* “If Congress comes to power in 2019, I will become the Prime Minister,” Modi quoted Rahul Gandhi and asked, ” then what will happen to the people of the country.”

* No-confidence motion is actually a force test for the Congress to secure their luck in 2019 election. To remove one Modi, see who all they are trying to bring together.

* “The Congress has no faith in themselves. They don’t believe in EVMs, they don’t believe in the progress, in the judiciary, the RBI. They believe in nothing.”

* “It is this Government that is bringing a programme like Ayushman Bharat that will give top quality healthcare to the poor. The LED bulbs then for Rs 400-500 under the Congress tenure now has reached Rs 40-50 in our tenure. Today each and every street has LED lights. The Indian economy is being strengthened and India is also strengthening the global economy.”

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*”The fight against Black Money is going to continue. I know I have made many enemies due to this but it is fine. The Congress was in fear when they stopped earning corrupted money. There is still time, Congress should learn its lessons. “

* “Due to one careless allegation in the House on Rafale, both nations had to release statements. My appeal to the Congress is please do not bring politics in national security, You call surgical strike a “Jhumla”? You can abuse me as much as you want. Stop insulting the Jawans of India. I will not tolerate it.”

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* “What did the Congress do to Charan Singh Ji, what did they do to Chandra Shekhar Ji, what did they do to Deve Gowda Ji, what did they do to IK Gujral Ji? Two times the Congress was involved in buying votes with the power of notes.”

* “What Congress did to Andhra Pradesh was shameful. Even Atal Bihari Ji created three states-Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. It was done peacefully.  Andhra Pradesh deserves a special status category.NDA Government is committed towards the development of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. I want to tell the people of Andhra Pradesh that we will keep working for them. We will do everything possible for the development of Andhra Pradesh.”

Earlier in the day, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had concluded his sharp attack against the NDA government, with a surprise hug for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha on Friday. Closing his speech against what he termed as the “jumlas” of Modi government, Gandhi walked over to the prime minister and embraced him, Modi, who was apparently taken aback by Gandhi’s gesture, called him back and shook hands with him. Later, Gandhi was also snapped winking in the House.

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