BC philosopher Mahatma Jyotiba Phule’s statue was damaged by some miscreants

The National BC Welfare Association has demanded the immediate arrest of those who vandalised the statue of BC philosopher Mahatma Jyotiba Phule.

The incident took place at Ursu Dargah in Warangal East constituency on Thursday. BC Welfare Association national spokesperson Dasu Suresh and a team of Dalit Bahujans decried the incident and visited the place on Sunday.

Dasu Suresh said that the damage to the statue was nothing but attack on backward classes.

He demanded that Bahujans, beyond parties, should be prepared to fight against the ongoing attacks on the community.

He also wanted the State government to erect a new statue of the icon of BCs.

The protest programme held on Sunday was attended by BC leader Thirunahari Sheshu, BJP district OBC Morcha president Kuchana Kranti, Rajaka Reservation Fighting Group state president Chaparthi Kumaraswamy, local BC leaders Adepu Nagesh Cheerabharat, Aitam Nagesh and a large number of MMRPS leaders and Mala Mahasena leaders.

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