Actor-turned-Politician Pruthviraj made belittling comments on Jana Sena head Pawan Kalyan, while he was serving the ruling party, YSRCP. Currently, he stepped out from YSRCP and doesn’t belong to any other party. He said that he is withdrawing his comments on Mega heroes Chiru and Pawan. He accepted his mistake and said that he would move further by falling in front of their foot and seeking forgiveness.

The mega brothers said to him, “We don’t have friction with anyone. You took your own way and did your job. It’s all done. Forget everything and stay happy from now on. Try acting in more movies. If you desire to enter politics, then don’t depend on terrorist organizations. In lieu of that, select the right bus and support that bus.”

Later, Prithvi revealed that he wanted to join forces with Pawan Kalyan’s political party, Jana Sena in the near future. He further requested Pawan to make him a member of his party. Then Pawan said to him to concentrate on movies at present and promised that he will invite him at a right time.

Replying to Pawan, Prithvi said, “I will analyse myself and stay calm. I will seek the blessings of bigwigs in the industry and politics. I will try to help people and stay righteously without passing any grievous comments on anyone from now onwards”, he promised.

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