The team started with Big Boss 5 announcing another season as one BigBoss season was coming to an end. Then in 17 days ‘Big Boss’ is going to be nonstop ’. So who will announce ‘BigBoss6’ that day? Now there is a discussion going on about this on social media. The team says it will continue the tradition it started last season. If that happened then it would be a pity for the fans.

It is said that the sixth season announcement of Bigg Boss Telugu, which has been released for five seasons, will be yours for the non-stop final stage of Bigg Boss. Information that the new Bigg Boss Season logo will also be unveiled that day if all goes as planned. That is not to say that the show will start immediately. Because the new set should be put in the same place where the set is now.

The selection of contestants must take place. Above all the audience should be given a small gap ‌. BigBoss nonstop is about to end in another 17 days. Already the old Big Boss Mates are coming into the house and making noise. The process of selecting five finalists is underway. In parallel, BigBoss 6 started work. That’s why there are definitely leaks that there will be a ‘Big Boss 6’ announcement in the nonstop finale.

This time it seems that Bigg Boss will give a chance to celebrities as well as common people. In the past, in season 2, common people like Nutan Naidu, Sanjana Anne and Ganesh came and entertained. And it has become interesting to see who is coming this season. Suman TV anchors Manjusha, Roshan and others are reportedly fixed for this season.

Along with these, the names of famous YouTube anchors are in the campaign. It remains to be seen who will make it to the finals. Let’s see Clarity comes on the nonstop finale.

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