The police picked up two persons in possession of ambergris worth ₹ 3.50 crore on Monday.

Following an input, Superintendent of Police R. Krishnaraj ordered vehicle check across the district on Monday. When a police team was checking the vehicles near Tenkasi Old Bus-Stand, they intercepted a car with two persons, George Michael, 46, of Kulasekaram in Kanniyakumari district, and his associate Mohan, 52, of Thaazhaiyooththu on Tirunelveli outskirts.

As the police team found ambergris, weighing about 21 kg, in the car, the two were taken to the police station for inquiry. The accused reportedly told the police they were scouting for potential buyers for the ambergris, which is used largely in the perfume industry.

Since the sale of ambergris has been banned under the Wildlife Protection Act, the police handed over them to forest personnel for investigation and appropriate action.

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