TV anchor turned actress Anasuya Bharadwaj is waiting for the release of her upcoming woman centric film Thank You Brother, which will be released on Aha from 7th  May.  The film Thank You brother  revolves around Anasuya Bharadwaj whose character is a pregnant lady who gets trapped in a lift with an arrogant youngster essayed by Viraj Ashwin. Set against the current time of the Coronavirus pandemic, Anasuya  Bharadwaj experiences labor pain in a lift with no one available for rescue her except Viraj Ashwin. The movie  Thank You Brother revolves around how Viraj Ashwin saves the mother and also  helps her in the process of delivering a baby. Ahead of the release on Aha, the interesting news is heard in  the film industry  that Anasuya Bharadwaj and Viraj Ashwin starrer ‘Thank You Brother’ is a copy of the 2019 Nigerian film Elevator Baby.

 Only after the release of ‘Thank You Brother’, we can find whether or not the film Thank You Baby is copied from Elevator Baby.

 The movie also has   Adarsh Balakrishnan, Mounika Reddy, Viva Harsha, Anishkuruvilla, Annapurna, and Kadambari Kiran  in the supporting roles. Thank You brother is helmed by Ramesh Raparthi  and it has the music by Guna Balasubramanian.

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