State reports surge from one lakh to four lakh in 33 days.

More than five and a half months into the COVID pandemic, the State’s tally of infections crossed the four-lakh mark on Friday. Andhra Pradesh is the third State to see more than four lakh cases after Maharastra and neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

While Maharashtra’s tally jumped from one lakh to four lakh in about 48 days, Tamil Nadu witnessed the same surge in 56 days, but Andhra Pradesh witnessed the last three lakh cases in just 33 days. It took 138 days to see the first one lakh cases and around 11 days each for the cases to jump by one lakh.

The tally mounted to 4,03,616 with 10,526 new cases in the past day as of Friday morning, and 0.92% or 3,714 of the infected persons have succumbed to the disease so far. The number of recoveries also crossed the three-lakh mark and reached 3,03,711 with 8,463 discharges in the past day. The recovery rate increased to 75.25%. More than one lakh patients recovered in the past 12 days, leaving 96,191 people under treatment.

After the three-lakh mark was surpassed 11 days ago, the State witnessed 0.97 lakh new cases against 5.79 lakh samples tested. The overall tally doubled in 22 days since August 7.

Having tested 35.41 lakh samples in the State the overall positivity rate is at 11.40%. Approximately 6.63% of the State’s 5.34 crore population was tested while 0.76% of them were infected.

Half of the State’s infections come from five districts.

East Godavari reported the biggest spike in new cases and Chittoor reported the highest number of deaths as a total of 81 new deaths were reported. The new cases and deaths are as follows: East Godavari (1178 cases and 6 deaths), Nellore (1151 and 8), West Godavari (986 and 8), Visakhapatnam (896 and 6), Prakasam (874 and 8), Anantapur (833 and 5), Chittoor (819 and 10), Guntur (801 and 4), Srikakulam (764 and 5), Kurnool (757 and 6), Vizianagaram (552 and 1), Kadapa (501 and 9) and Krishna (414 and 5).

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