The culprits who circulated a derogatory audio clip against Mutharaiyar community on WhatsApp and other social media platforms should be arrested, said Tamil Nadu Mutharaiyar Sangam here on Thursday.

In a petition submitted to the Collector’s office, K. Kuppusamy, State general secretary of the association, refuted the claim of Tamil Nadu government that those who were involved in the act were arrested. “While a case against the spread of audio clip was registered at Ponnamaravathi in Pudukkottai district, the police have arrested a person who belongs to our community from Kothamangalam, ” he said.

According to him, an audio clip defaming the Valaiyar community, one of the sub-castes of Mutharaiyar community, was spread virally since April 18. There were protests in Ponnamaravathi and few places in Madurai and Sivaganga districts.

Demanding the arrest of the actual persons involved in recording and spreading the audio clip, the association said the community would intensify its protests otherwise. It also demanded the withdrawal of all cases registered against those who staged protests for the issue in different places.

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