It is common knowledge that the business process management (BPM) sector, being the backbone of the entire globe, serves banks, utilities, retailers, airlines, shipping companies, freights and containers, healthcare and pharma organisations, insurance companies and many other sectors.

The industry is traditionally known for its effective business continuity planning and contingency arrangements, that means when a specific location is under challenge, another location, in some other geography, can quickly pick up the process and ensure seamless work-flow 24/7.

But the question now is, how does a BPM player ensure business continuity when the entire globe is simultaneously hit by the same threat viz. COVID-19.

“It is unprecedented. It is true that the number of countries and cases of transmission are clearly getting governments across the globe to think differently,’’ said Mr. Keshav Murugesh, chairman, Nasscom.

However, the industry was working day and night to ensure the safety of employees across all locations and also to support clients to the best extent possible, he further said.

As far as WNS is concerned, the company has rationalised work-from-home, across locations. “Depending on the nature of work, the security protocols involved for the clients and the ability of the employee to ‘actually take work home’, we are empowering the same,’’ said Mr. Murugesh, who is also group CEO at WNS.

Data security has been given a lot of importance and WNS employees are being given ‘remodelled, cybersafe, secure’ desktops to work at home. The company is also closely partnering with Nasscom on all industry-wide initiatives to ensure safety of employees, as per him.

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