It is part of the ₹387.60 crore project for the new barrage being built across Kollidam

Construction of a building for carrying out single-point monitoring and control to operate the gates of the new barrage at Mukkombu has begun.

river at Mukkombu. The building that would house the monitoring and control system is coming up on the riverbed between the southern and northern arm of the barrage. The building is being constructed above 73.84 feet of the maximum flood level and pPiles will bear the weight of the G+2 story building.

Sources told The Hindu that the ground floor will have provisions for housing diesel generators to operate the gates in case of power failure. It would be a complete backup mechanism to operate all 55 gates of both southern and northern arms. A conference hall and an office room would form the first floor of the building. The second floor would be allotted for accommodating all monitoring and control mechanisms.

A senior engineer said that the control room has been designed to view the flow of water clearly both upstream and downstream. Transparent glass would cover a portion of the building. Separate panels for all 55 gates-45 in southern arm and 10 in northern arm-would be established in the second floor. The gates could be operated manually and electronically.

The engineer said apart from continuously monitoring the reservoir water level, the system would envisage increase or decrease in level by taking into account the geographical contours of the area and other factors. The sensor would measure the rise or fall in water level. It would enable the adjustment of water outflow to maintain the required level. All aspects of water discharge, inflow, outflow, sudden increase in inflow, water current, water level and others would be displayed on panels.

Out of 55 hydraulic shutters, eight shutters have already been erected. The average weight of each shutter was about 10 kg. Each of them has been fabricated as per the requirement. One of the shutters has been commissioned to study the functioning of it. It was found that it was performing well. A few modifications would be made to improve its efficiency. Ten more shutters were ready for erection. They would be erected in the next few days.

The engineer said that though the extended spell of northeast monsoon had been posing a challenge, work was well on target. With the deployment of additional work force, the work has been expedited, he added.

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