One of the accused is a former employee

A 54-year-old businessman was robbed of around ₹7 lakh at gunpoint by four accused, including his former employee, in north Delhi’s Timarpur, officers said on Monday.

The police said they received a complaint from Nitin Bhatia, who deals in medical surgical equipment, at Bhagirath Place.

He alleged that on January 7, after closing his shop he was on his way to his house on his two-wheeler when around 9.45 p.m., two unknown persons with firearms approached him and snatched his bag containing around ₹6 lakh to ₹7 lakh, before fleeing the spot.

The police began identifying the suspects and zeroed in on Boby, one of the complainant’s employees.

He allegedly disclosed to the police that he hatched the plan with another accused, Arun Sharma, who had worked at the complainant’s shop four months ago but had lost the job. Both of them were in need of money and hence planned to rob the complainant with the help of two associates, Vinay and Mahak. All four accused are in police custody.

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