The novel Corona virus has devastated the whole world. From Europe to Asia, lakhs of people got infected and thousands of them have died. Due to the virus, there started an unofficial recession too. The lockdown is imposed many countries and only medical, police and sanitation workers are doing their job in these hard times.

This has forced the Maoists (Naxals) to take a decision and they have made up their mind to not indulge in any activities especially attacks on police and army. Malkangir-Vizag Maoists committee secretary Kailasam has released an audio tape regarding the same.

“The respective governments in states are doing their best to contain the virus and in order to not to obstruct their activities we have decided to call off our activities temporarily. But in case if there is an attack on police, it would be only to protect ourselves from the cops,” said Kailasam in the tape.

Farmers, IT, industries and many sectors have hit by Corona and now Naxals have joined them. It would take sometime to get over these things.

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