With scientists all over the world putting strenuous efforts in bringing a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus, here comes yoga expert Baba Ramdev stating that one can prevent the infection if people follow the precautionary measures that he preaches. Asking people not to panic at all, Ramdev said, “There is no need to fear from the novel coronavirus at all. Just follow precautions thoroughly to prevent its spread and infection”.

He added – “Use hand sanitizers when at crowd gatherings. You have to keep a distance of 4 to 5 feet from other persons in public places. You must also wear a mask. I urge people to practice Yoga to increase immunity. This will also help treat asthma, heart diseases, and diabetes. Those having these lifestyle diseases are at more risk of getting infected with COVID-19,” he added.

While we are unsure whether what Baba Ramdev said is of authentic information or not, but it is clear that doing yoga in order to prevent coronavirus doesn’t make sense. Many ingenious scientists are working hard with clinical trails like – first virus production. Second, virus harvesting. Third processing virus to get the antigens. Fourth, antigens in the injectable fluid. Fifth. Testing, Sixth Testing, Seventh Testing. Eighth Mass production. It takes years to develop a new vaccine.

Yoga helps in building a strong immunity system. But, it won’t help you prevent coronavirus from attacking in the first place itself. At least, no such medical evidence exists as of now. Scientifically, be it strong or feeble immunity system, if one touches infected surfaces or comes in contact with a patient, the result is absolutely unintended. Boosting your immunity system will only help you survive from the virus but it can’t stop the virus from entering the body.

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