Institution’s licence revoked, says official. City one of the hotspots in Uttar Pradesh

After an employee of a private hospital in Meerut was found promising a negative COVID-19 report from the district hospital in a video clip, the district authorities have initiated a probe against the hospital and its licence has been revoked.

Coronavirus, July 6 updates

In the video clip, the employee could be seen accepting ₹2,000 from a group of people in lieu of negative report from the district hospital that would be valid for a week. The people could be heard promising to pay ₹500 more after the report arrived.

On the basis of the clip, an FIR has been registered on the complaint of the Chief Medical Officer at the Lisadi Gate police station in Meerut against Shah Alam, manager of the New Meerut Hospital, under Section 420 of IPC.

Likely role of an official

CMO Raj Kumar said, “From the video, it has emerged that Shah Alam was promising a fake COVID negative report in exchange for money. An inquiry has been initiated. It would also look into the possible role of an official of the hospital. The district Magistrate has cancelled the licence of the hospital.”

State Helpline numbers for COVID-19

One of the hotspots in Uttar Pradesh, Meerut has 287 active casesand has reported 87 deaths because of the virus infection.

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