States have been advised to focus on the second dose of COVID-19 vaccination coverage among healthcare and frontline workers.

While the national average for the first dose administration among the healthcare workers (HCWs) was 82%, the national average for second dose among HCWs was only 56%, according to the Health Ministry. Punjab, Maharashtra, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Assam had a coverage below the national average in this aspect.

For frontline workers (FLWs), the national average of first dose coverage was 85% but the national average of second dose coverage was only 47%, and 19 States/UTs had reported second dose coverage of FLWs less than the national average.

You can track coronavirus cases, deaths and testing rates at the national and State levels here. A list of State Helpline numbers is available as well.

Here are the latest updates:

After 75 days, city’s test positivity drops below 5%

For the first time since the second wave of COVID-19 began, the test positivity rate (TPR) in Chennai on Wednesday dropped below the 5% mark. With 32,168 tests performed and 1,345 cases reported, the TPR was 4.2%.

The last time the TPR was below 5% was 75 days ago in the last week of March. The city was then reporting around 700 to 900 cases a day, while the tests performed were just around 15,000.

From the second week of April, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) gradually began to increase the tests even as cases shot up and the TPR went beyond 20%. Since the second week of May, the tests done daily continuously crossed the 30,000 mark.

COVID-19 outbreak closes hotel hosting G7 summit delegation

A hotel, which British media reported was being used by members of Germany’s delegation to a Group of Seven summit in England, has closed because members of staff tested positive for COVID-19, its owners said on Thursday.

The Pedn Olva hotel in St Ives, a seaside town adjacent to the location of the three-day G7 leaders’ meeting in Cornwall, southwest England, had shut temporarily on advice from health officials and the local authority, the owners said.

Among the guests were security staff for the German delegation and a media team working for a U.S. broadcaster, Sky News reported.

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