Cybercrime police swung into action and prevented further siphoning of money, says DSP Veeranjaneya Reddy

Unidentified persons siphoned ₹2.67 lakh from the bank account of a person in Dumpagadapa village in West Godavari district.

The victim, K. Haribabu received a message with a link in his mobile phone a couple of days ago. When Haribabu opened the link, he got a message that ₹2.67 lakh has been debited from his account.

Shocked over the unauthorised transfer of amount, the complainant approached the bank officials and then the Akiveedu police.

The cybercrime police, who swung into action, are trying to find out to which account the amount has been credited, whose account, which bank it was from where it was operating and other details.

“The case is under investigation. We request the public not to open suspicious links and messages,” a cybercrime expert said.

Speaking to The Hindu on January 2, Narsapuram Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) P. Veeranjaneya Reddy said the cyber offenders gave a message to Haribabu stating that account has been blocked and asked to open the link to reactivate his account.

“Haribabu, who believed the content of the message opened the link and within no time the amount has been debited from his account. We alerted the Cybercrime police, who prevented further transfer of the amount,” Mr. Veeranjaneya Reddy said.

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