A drummer doesn’t have to be a part of a band to be successful according to Gino Banks, the man behind the tom-toms. “In a live music performance, the drum kit is the most interesting instrument to watch,” he says. The son of legendary jazz musician Louis Banks, the drummer will revisit his debut album,
Logically Speaking
, this evening.

The name of his album arrives from its musical origins. Banks was the only musician playing throughout, the rest of the soundscape was achieved with the help of Logic Audio, a software used for mixing and creating music. “It was only me and Logic in the studio, hence the name,” he reiterates. The album features a musical journey that spans 12 years in Banks’ career as a drummer. “I had all these bits from working with other artists, so I thought — why not just put it out there,” he says. “It’s a testament of my work.”

Logically Speaking
also highlights the trouble most drummers face: everyone wants to know which band they’re in. Just because Banks is a drummer, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s part of an ensemble. His gig tonight will focus on this misconception through his performance. The drummer will perform solos and loop himself live during the show to play with an element of improvisation. When questioned about his feelings on the use of technology, Banks came forth with a diplomatic approach. “When I was studying drums and music heavily, I was dead against programming and electronic music. I was just like everything has to be played,” he says. “I was very stuck-up about that accessibility tech brings. But then I grew to understand that you can use technology to your advantage, to do something a human cannot. Now, I’m okay with technology to accompany and supplement, not to be the music itself.”

As for the future of percussion in India, Banks is ecstatic. “India is the land of percussion. We have the most advanced rhythmic concepts in Hindustani and Carnatic classical music with incredible rhythms and beats,” he says concluding that there’s certainly a bright future for drum and percussion-based music in India.”

A Drumtastic Evening With Gino Banks, Logically Speakin
will be held
this evening
at The Quarter, Royal Opera House at 8.30 p.m.
Visit insider.in for tickets and details.

I had all these bits from working with other artists, so I thought – why not just put it out there

Gino Banks


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