The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has extended the date of implementation to February 1

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has extended the deadline for pumpset manufacturers to switch over to the revised star-rating system for energy efficiency of their products.

This has come as a relief to the manufacturers in Coimbatore, who supply more than 40 % of the country’s pumpset needs, especially in the agriculture and domestic sectors.

In a communication dated December 31, the BEE said that the date for implementation of the revised energy efficiency standard guidelines is extended to February 1 from January 1. The existing star rating, which is provided on the previous energy consumption standards, will expire from February 1.

Pumpset manufacturers and traders who already produce star label pumpsets should apply to the BEE for approval under the new comsumption standards. The portal for online application will be open till January 31, 2020.

V. Krishnakumar, president of Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association, said the manufacturers needed more time to switch over to the new standards. They make a total of almost 10,000 models of pumpsets, and face a lot of challenges in switching over to a new system as production continues every day and industries have inventory.

From January 1, almost every one was using just the ISI name plate on the pumpsets produced, as they had not got the approvals required from the BEE. Now, with one month’s time, they need to go back to the old name plates with the star rating mentioned. The BEE should provide the approvals at the earliest and give time at least till April 1 for the manufacturers to produce pumpets according to the revised energy efficiency standards, he said.

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