A decision on imposing a lockdown in Maharashtra due to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) situation could be expected in 8-10 days, deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar said on Sunday.

“There were huge crowds during the Diwali period. Even at the time of Ganesha Chaturthi, we saw crowds. We are speaking to relevant departments. We’ll review the situation for next 8-10 days and then a decision will be taken about the lockdown,” Pawar said in Pune.

He added, “During Diwali, there was a huge crowd as if corona itself died due to heavy crowd. Now there are predictions that a second wave may come. Government has made a lot of regulations to start schools which includes different ways as to how they should be sanitised.”

The statement from Pawar comes at the time Maharashtra is contemplating a state-wide strategy to deal with a rise in Covid-19 cases, including introducing travel curbs on people travelling from virus hot spot states like Delhi.

Maharashtra government has allowed reopening of schools for classes 9 to 12 from Monday depending on the Covid-19 situation in local areas.

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