‘It will adversely impact MSMEs, State economy’

The Government should not resort to a knee-jerk reaction by imposing another lockdown in the State, the Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA) said on Monday.

Cautioning the Government, the trade body that represents MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) in Karnataka said small-scale industries were yet to recover fully from the devastating effects of the earlier lockdowns and therefore any further lockdown would adversely impact the business recovery of small units and in turn decrease revenue to the state exchequer.

“Another lockdown may force many micro and small enterprises to down shutters and add to the unemployment problem. With another lockdown all expectations of the economy being on a rebound will evaporate in no time,” said KASSIA in a statement.

Rather than resorting to steps like partially or fully shutting down the industries, raw material outlets and reducing the supply of industrial oxygen to industries, the Government should strictly focus on enforcing wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and practising COVID-19 protocols, it recommended.

The Government should also start clamping down on public events and mass gatherings, it insisted.

The trade body said all its members (MSMEs) were advised to scrupulously follow all COVID-19 protocols and SOPs announced by the authorities.

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