Gopal Rai also said that there has been no communication from the Congress and it clearly shows that the grand old party is "not serious" about elections in Delhi.

Ruling out any possibility of an alliance with the Congress, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Gopal Rai Monday said the party has waited enough for the Congress to respond and there won’t be any alliance now “even if Congress approaches”. Rai’s statement comes a day after the party said it was still open to the idea of an alliance with the Congress even though it announced its seventh candidate from Delhi for the Lok Sabha elections.

Asserting that “enough is enough”, Rai said these are the final seven candidates of the party and there is no question of “any rollback”. “Despite facing stiff opposition from its workers, the AAP was open to an alliance with the Congress in Delhi but after waiting for so long and constantly hearing conflicting statements from the party, we have decided that enough is enough and now even if Congress approaches us with a proposal there would be no alliance in Delhi,” PTI quoted him as saying.

Rai also said that there has been no communication from the Congress and it clearly shows that the grand old party is “not serious” about elections in Delhi. Click here for more election news

The AAP had earlier, on March 2, announced the names of its candidates for the six Lok Sabha seats. On Sunday, the party named Balbir Singh Jakhar as the candidate for the West Delhi Lok Sabha seat.

After the announcement of the seventh candidate on Sunday, Rai had said that the party was “ready for talks if the Congress has concrete ideas”.

“We never opened the door completely, neither are we shutting it completely. But we have arrived at the conclusion that the Congress does not appear serious when it comes to Delhi and the country. They say they are ready for dialogue but till date, their dialogue is limited to newspapers. Coalitions cannot be stitched through newspapers. If the Congress is serious, it should have made serious efforts and I believe that the Congress has made serious delay.

“… We continue to maintain that the parties should come together to defeat the duo of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Par agar magar se baat nahi hoti… if the Congress is serious, we are ready for talks,” Rai had said.

The BJP and Congress have not yet declared their candidates for elections in Delhi.

‘Will file corruption complaints against PM in soon to be constituted Lokpal’

Rai also said the AAP will file complaints of corruption on the Rafale fighter jet deal and Sahara-Birla papers case against Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the soon to be constituted Lokpal.

Rai noted that Lokpal’s appointment marks the culmination of the most intense peoples’ struggle in India and said Prime Minister Modi was scared of putting himself under its scrutiny.

“The Aam Aadmi Party will file complaints of corruption against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Rafale fighter jets case and Sahara Birla diaries with the soon to be appointed India’s first Lokpal.

“There are questions that why it took five years for the ‘chowkidaar’ to appoint a Lokpal. It is a matter of shame for the prime minister that it took him this long for its appointment,” Rai said.

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