Stage a demonstration near Tiruvarur

Members of Tamil Nadu Vivasayigal Sangam staged a demonstration at Komal in Thirukaravasal near here on Friday by holding flambeaus demanding withdrawal of the proposed hydrocarbon project.

In the wake of reports that the Union government has floated tenders for extraction of hydrocarbon from the delta bed between Thirukaravasal and Kariyapattinam, the farmers have embarked on a series of demonstrations demanding that the project be shelved to save agriculture and as well as the drinking watertable.

The demonstrators have also planned to submit petitions at the gram sabha meetings to be held on the Republic Day seeking adoption of a resolution against the hydrocarbon project.

Meanwhile, the Tiruvarur district police have refused permission for observing a fast by the Tamizhaga Cauvery Vivasayigal Sangam at Thirukaravasal on the Republic Day. However, the protesters have decided to go ahead with the demonstration on a private premises in Thirukaravasal, sources added.

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