A study published to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Favipiravir has deduced that the drug has shown positive results in the treatment of mild to moderate cases of Covid-19 disease.

The study titled “Efficacy and safety of favipiravir, an oral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase inhibitor, in mild-to-moderate Covid-19: A randomized, comparative, open-label, multicenter, phase 3 clinical trial” was published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

The significant improvement in time taken for clinical cure suggests that favipiravir may be beneficial in mild-to-moderate Covid-19, the study states. Intake of favipiravir has improved the clinical cure by around three days and cleared the infection two days faster than those on standard treatment.

Noting that favipiravir, a drug under investigation in many countries for treatment of Covid-19, treatment led to significant improvement in time to clinical cure and it may be a safe and effective treatment in mild-to-moderate of the coronavirus infection.

Stating the method, study mentions that it was carried out on adults of age group 18-75 years who had tested positive for Covid-19 with RT-PCR testing mechanism and showed mild-to-moderate symptoms. The study also included people who were asymptomatic through their course of infection. It concludes that dosage of 1800 mg on day one and 800 mg of the drug spanning over a period of 14-days course ideally can prove to effective.

The study has also measured the time a patient takes for their clinical cure.

“While a statistically significant difference in the primary endpoint was not achieved, statistically significant results were observed on the clinically meaningful secondary endpoint of time to clinical cure,” the study highlights.

It adds: “ There also was a statistically significant difference in time to first use of oxygen, although this observation must be interpreted with utmost caution because of the small number of patients (7 in each treatment group) who required supplemental oxygen suppport in this population. In addition, when evaluating by Covid-19 severity, patients with moderate Covid-19 showed a statistically significant benefit with respect to time to clinical cure.”

Favipiravir, according to the study, was found to be safe and well tolerated in this study, despite the potential bias for overreporting of TEAEs in open-label trials.

“There were no new safety signals, and no adverse events that led to drug discontinuation or change in dosing regimen; a single patient in the control group experienced an SAE, acute respiratory distress syndrome, which led to death,” it states.

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