Noida: Five separate incidents involving the collapse of ceiling plaster in two days at a housing society in Noida’s Sector 74 have left residents worried about their safety.

Residents of Supertech Capetown alleged that such incidents happened due to poor construction quality of the buildings. The society has around 6,000 flats in which nearly 25,000 people live.

“We have had five cases of ceiling plaster collapse in the last two days. Two such incidents took place in common areas, but three cases occurred in separate flats. Though there were no casualty, they were still narrow escapes for the residents,” said Arun Sharma, president, Apartment Owners Association of Supertech Capetown.

The information about the collapse was shared with the maintenance team, he said.

Hirak Dasgupta, a resident, said that he and his wife had just moved inside from the balcony of their flat when a portion of the ceiling in the balcony collapsed. “We are thankful to god that it didn’t happen in one of the rooms. The maintenance team did the repair, but such a collapse should not happen in the first place,” said 66-year-old Dasgupta.

The residents alleged that such incidents show that the quality of construction material is poor. “There are 25,000 people in the society who are worried about their safety. We have asked the developer in the past as well for a structural survey but to no avail. Action needs to be taken soon in this regard,” said Sharma.

The Supertech group, developer of the society, said that the recent incidents weren’t major ones and due repairs were done for them. “It was not a serious situation. People are creating unnecessary issue for their own vested interests,” said Rajesh, assistant general manager, Supertech group.

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