Four persons, including three of a family, were killed after a sports utility vehicle collided with two two-wheelers at Rangapalayam, near Tiruppur, on Sunday.

The Avinashipalayam police identified the deceased as R. Mithun, 17, his sister R. Mershika, 13, their mother R. Jeeva, 42, from Senthil Nagar near Mudalipalayam junction and P. Singasamy, 47, from Rangapalayam.

The police said that Mithun, Mershika and Jeeva were on the way to their home on a scooter with Mithun riding the vehicle. Lingasamy was on his way on a two-wheeler to open his grocery store in the locality.

According to the police, the two two-wheelers heading towards Tiruppur were hit by an SUV coming from the opposite side at Rangapalayam on Tiruppur – Kangeyam road at about 6.15 a.m.

Madan Kumar, 25, from Pothipalayam near Kangeyam, drove the SUV and he fell asleep at the wheel causing the accident, said the police. He was on the way to Kangeyam after a long drive from Chennai, they added.

While Lingasamy and Mithun died on the spot, Jeeva and Mershika suffered serious injuries. They died on the way to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital. The Avinashipalayam police arrested Kumar.

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