On the ‘Three Capitals’ or any other issues, the YSRCP government is not giving the oppositions any room to protest. By deploying police, the government is suppressing the voice of opposition especially of TDP’s. In the last eight months or so, many cases were filed against TDP MPs, MLAs and former ministers too.

Slamming the YCP government, TDP leaders said the ruling party is indulging in vendetta politics which is not good. Yet the ruling party is in no mood to show any sign of relief. The other day, Guntur TDP leaders met and in this meeting, former minister Prathipati Pulla Rao gave a strong warning to the YSRCP.

Addressing the gathering he said, “The government is harassing our leader Chandrababu and others. Next will be TDP government in AP and our first priority will be to take revenge against YSRCP. If you (YCP) guys file four cases against us, then we would lodge 10 cases against you people. There is no question of sparing you people without any thought.”

Prathipati added that TDP government will also not leave the cops and officials who are being biased towards the YSRCP government. “We will ensure that if YSRCP government comes into power for the second time, they should think twice before filing cases against TDP leaders. We will show what is TDP’s power,” said the ex-minsiter.

Regarding the same Prathipati said he would speak to TDP chief Chandrababu and assured Guntur party cadre not fear against the atrocities of the ruling party.

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