Google is going beyond building artificial intelligence (AI) chips for its data centres.

At the Google Cloud Next ’18 conference in San Francisco, the Internet giant announced two new products aimed at helping customers develop and deploy intelligent connected devices at scale. The first one was ‘Edge TPU,’ a new hardware chip, so small that four of them can fit on a U.S penny, Injong Rhee, VP, IoT, Google Cloud, demonstrated on the stage.

‘Brain to devices’

“Edge TPU would bring the brain to your devices… at extremely low cost and high power efficiency without compromising performance,” said Mr. Rhee.“I believe this is a game changer.”

Edge TPU is Google’s purpose-built application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designed to run AI at the edge.

It delivers high performance in a small physical and power footprint, enabling the deployment of high-accuracy AI at the edge, according to the company.

The other product announced was ‘Cloud IoT Edge,’ a software stack that extends Google Cloud’s powerful AI capability to gateways and connected devices.

One of the companies using these new technologies is LG CNS, a subsidiary of LG. Shingyoon Hyun, the CTO of LG CNS, said with intelligent vision inspection, the company is eager to make a better working place, raise the quality of the product and save millions of dollars each year.

“Google Cloud AI and IoT technologies with LG CNS expertise make this possible,” said Mr. Hyun.

Google also announced that it is making the new Gmail generally available to the customers of G Suite,

(The writer is in San Francisco at the invitation of Google)

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