COVID-19 prevention protocol was in place

The higher secondary education (HSE) examinations which were postponed owing to the lockdown resumed on Wednesday morning.

The SSLC and vocational higher secondary education (VHSE) examinations resumed on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, 3,39,951 of the 3,44,409 students who had registered turned up for the examinations. A total of 2,257 Plus One and 2,201 Plus Two students did not appear. The attendance was 98.64% for Plus One and 98.77% for Plus Two.

The VHSE examinations, also held in the morning, saw 18,938 of the 19,122 registered students taking the examination. The number of absentees for VHSE Plus One and Plus Two examinations were 110 and 74 respectively.

The turnout for the SSLC examinations was 4,22,094 — 99.92%.

Not much difference

There had not been a big difference in the number of students who appeared for the HSE (including open school), VHSE and SSLC examinations before the lockdown and on Wednesday, a statement from Director of General Education Jeevan Babu K. said.

For Wednesday’s examinations also, the COVID-19 prevention protocol was in place. Physical distancing and use of masks and sanitisers were ensured. Crowding or socialising was discouraged and students directed to classrooms early enough to prevent last-minute rush. Separate classrooms and sanitised corridor for students from outside the State and those in quarantine were ensured.

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