In the 16th Lok Sabha, 51% of members were elected on BJP ticket, while 9% are from the Indian National Congress. Tamil Nadu’s AIADMK is the largest State-level party, with a share of 7%.

On average, six out of 10 MPs have been elected for the first time. The first-timers have participated in most number of debates in the House. (For more details on how the MPs fared, click here.)

To get a better understanding of these numbers, and on how the current Lok Sabha fares on educational qualifications, gender parity and participation levels,  here is an interactive that will help you to explore the make-up of the House.

How to use this tool:

Each circle represents a member of the Lok Sabha (nominated members and members who were elected but are no longer MPs are also included)

  • Use the ‘Group by’ dropdown to group MPs by party, gender, educational qualification and term
  • Try the ‘Shade by’ option to use colour to differentiate various parameters
  • Use the ‘Size by’ dropdown menu to compare MPs by age, number of debates they have taken part in, private member bills introduced, questions asked and attendance percentage
  • Try the ‘compare by’ option to compare two parameters. For example, you can first group MPs by party and then compare this to educational qualifications.
  • To get a closer look, pinch and zoom, scroll in or use the zoom button


Note: The data includes all members who served in the 16th Lok Sabha, including those who passed away or resigned.

For the ‘Party’ option, only those political parties that have 10 or more seats are considered. The rest are classified as ‘Others’. For a full list of MPs and the parties they belong to, click here

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